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Sevilla bring season to a close in Agadir

Unai Emery's side were unable to earn a win, but came away in positive mood after concluding their LaLiga World tour.

Sevilla rounded off their visit to Africa by taking on host outfit Hassania d’Agadir, amid immense excitement among the Moroccan club’s fans at being able to watch one of Spain’s most powerful teams live.

The stage was set with spectacular pre-match scenes worthy of a LaLiga clash, as first the Spanish national anthem and then that of Morocco were played before kick-off. 

The two sides served up a game that belied its status as a friendly. Hassania D’Agadir’s players showed extraordinary intensity and, following Diogo’s opener, managed to turn the scoreboard on its head to claim a 2-1 victory.

At half time, both clubs exchanged gifts, with Fernando Sanz, general director of LaLiga’s Middle East and North Africa (MENA) office, and Sevilla president José Castro taking centre stage. 

There can be no doubt that it was a historic win for one of the strongest teams in Moroccan football. Despite the defeat, Sevilla come away from their stay in Agadir with fantastic memories, as was stressed post-match by Coke, one of the team’s captains. 

The game marks the end of a memorable season for Sevilla, in which the Andalusians bagged Champions League qualification and a trophy.

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