Latest | 11 JUN 2018

RCD Espanyol- The champions of the the 4th edition of LaLiga Promises International

The victory of the Catalan team over Valencia CF in the International Under 12s competition held in New Jersey marks the end of a weekend filled with talent, passion, and camaraderie.

In an incomparable location with the best panoramic views of the New York skyline, the football fields of Frank Sinatra Park hosted the spectacular final between RCD Espanyol and Valencia CF. 

The immense talent of LaLiga Promises already set fantastic presedence the weekend before, at the national under12s tournament in Villarreal.

This marks the end of another successful year for LaLiga Promises, filled with emotional and passionate play from the get go, and displayed some of the greatest acts of fair-play. The International competition has always been a fantastic platform for different youth teams from across the world to come and show their amazing talent. With this, LaLiga and the José Ramón de la Morena Foundation have taken a step forward in promoting 'soccer' in the United States.

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