Institutional | 10 DEC 2018

Official Statement

LaLiga wishes to express the following in relation to the decision taken by the FC Barcelona board of directors at their meeting held on Monday evening.

 1. We at LaLiga wish to congratulate FC Barcelona and Girona FC on their willingness to be pioneers following their voluntary disposition to contest a LaLiga fixture outside of Spain. LaLiga's 15-year partnership with Relevent remains intact. Right from the outset, we stated that participation in the game was voluntary, and the fact that FC Barcelona have expressed their voluntary wish not to play the match means that the fixture scheduled to take place in Miami will now not go ahead on the agreed date.

2. We at LaLiga naturally regret any disappointment that this may cause amongst our US fan base. We wish to reassure them that LaLiga will stage a competitive fixture in the United States at the earliest possible opportunity. In doing so, LaLiga will mirror the major American leagues (the NBA, the NFL, the MLB and the NHL) in contesting games beyond national borders.

3. LaLiga will continue to pursue legal action as it asserts its claim for a game to be played outside of Spain, although it lifts the precautionary measure in reference to the fixture to be played on 26 January. We will continue to pursue legal proceedings, given that the collated information and facts show the stance adopted by the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to be noncompliant with the law.






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