Institutional | 18 NOV 2015

LaLiga strengthens its defense of the audiovisual rights

SROC, the Sports Rights Owners Coalition, visited LaLiga headquarters to bring positions closer together in the joint fight against piracy.

In the morning of Tuesday, November 17, a delegation of SROC (Sports Right Owners Coalition), visited the facilities of LaLiga and held a meeting with the Spanish body. Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, and Mark Lichtenhein, SROC president, led their respective delegations at the meeting, which served to strengthen the actions from LaLiga against audiovisual piracy internationally.

The aim of this meeting was to bring positions in the defense of the rights of intellectual property on the Spanish football, in the framework of the fight against piracy that LaLiga keeps in order to defend the value of its audiovisual rights. As a member of the SROC Coalition, an association that represents 53 of the most important sports organizations such as FIFA, Moto GP, Euroleague Basketball, Premier League, Roland Garros or Ryder Cup, the Spanish organization claimed the importance of joint actions by the great players of world sport to succeed in this fight.

"Piracy is the biggest problem that sports industry has nowadays. Every day the football industry loses money. So we want to go further in that fight. We want more actions and more fighting. In sport we have to be a single voice", said Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga. In turn, Mark Lichtenhein, president of SROC, referred to the future of intellectual property rights for sports organizations. "It starts a new era in terms of protecting our rights. I've seen how LaLiga works and I am very impressed. We agree that we must work to promote and protect our audiovisual rights ".

During this working meeting other issues such as portability European, cross-border access or common strategy in the coming months were also addressed. SROC and LaLiga exchanged views on issues of interest to both about future initiatives of the European institutions. LaLiga expressed its wish to create an international structure to increase common fight anti-piracy and protection of intellectual property rights of the football industry with other sports and entertainment industries.

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