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Javier Tebas: "In the medium term, we'll play matches from LaLiga and the Cup abroad"

LaLiga's President took part in a meeting with reporters on the sidelines of "Leaders", The Sport Business Summit, where the Spanish football had a prominent participation.

In the scope of the international summit "Leaders, The Sport Business Summit", which is taking place in London 7 and 8 October, the Spanish professional football attracted interest for its model of growth and its international expansion. LaLiga's President, Javier Tebas, attended a meeting with international media, in which stressed the impact on the overall strategy of LaLiga. "In 3 or 4 years we will grow especially in Africa, due to the use of mobile phones," emphasized the Spanish leader.

Given the interest aroused among the English media regarding the competitiveness of LaLiga in relation to the Premier League, Javier Tebas began by referring to language. "English is not the key to achieving followers. We do not mind both the language as that our teams can grow and compete. If we have stars, Spanish football will be watched in Japan, Indonesia and many more countries“. LaLiga's President referred to the US, China and Africa as "strategic locations" for the growth of Spanish football and revealed other initiatives with that goal: "In the medium term, we will play matches from the Cup or LaLiga abroad. In the short term it will not be possible. We cannot say where these matches will be played. We need to develop the projects and, of course, the permits of international organizations such as UEFA and FIFA. Now FIFA is very entertaining with corruption", said Tebas.

With regard to combating piracy, the president of LaLiga explained the bases of the pioneering project of the Spanish organization: "Premier League and LaLiga have to be paid. Everyone knows nowadays that football is got to be paid and putting it on the Net is even a crime in many countries. The problem is not on the citizen that records, but in the social network that allows that this message can be launched to millions of users". Tebas highlighted the important effort in this regard from LaLiga: "We have invested significant resources only to fight against piracy. About 3 million euros. Piracy is one of the biggest risks of our audiovisual market".

Finally, the president of LaLiga advocated for change in international sports bodies, because its leaders "have not changed, have not adapted to the football industry. It is a serious risk if there is not a radical change of these leaders, including Angel Maria Villar ". Tebas also commented on a possible European League of Clubs, which "could be a great competition but would destroy the local leagues" and defined the future goal of LaLiga: "The Bundesliga is the most solvent league in the world. The Premier League is the largest revenue earner with their audiovisual rights. LaLiga is winning all the trophies, but we will like to be first in all three aspects, not only sport. We are working on it", said Tebas.

"Leaders" Summit, organized since 2008 in England, brings together prominent members of the sports industry worldwide, including representatives of the NBA, NFL, Google, Microsoft, FIFA or UEFA. This year, the event has enjoyed the participation of clubs from LaLiga such as FC Barcelona, RCD Espanyol, Athletic Club Bilbao or SD Eibar. Among the experts who have lectured, Adolfo Bara, director of Marketing and Sales of LaLiga, has participated in the talk "New Assets and New Ideas: Latest Trends in Sponsorship.

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