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A memorable season for the LaLiga Santander Experience comes to an end

The LaLiga Santander Experience project, which is run in tandem with the competition's international broadcasters, has once again been a resounding success, with influencers from all over the world taking part this time around. This video shows the very best moments of the 2018/19 campaign.

LaLiga Santander has once again reverberated all around the world this season, with the LaLiga Santander Experience certainly playing its part. The project, which aims to help LaLiga's international broadcasters promote their products and the competition in their markets, boost visibility and reach new audiences, has definitely generated many memorable moments in 2018/19.

Following a change in strategy and format, famous influencers carefully chosen by LaLiga's international broadcasters have travelled to Spain to enjoy a unique experience revolving around football and LaLiga Santander. Actors and actresses, presenters, freestylers, journalists, comedians and singers from over 40 countries have been able to enjoy an unforgettable experience involving various challenges that they have been able to document on social media. In total, 47 influencers with over 62.8 million followers have allowed new fans from all over the globe to gain a deeper understanding of what LaLiga Santander is all about.

There have been 18 experiences with 13 LaLiga Santander clubs playing host, while several players have also played a key role. The likes of Iago Aspas, Tomas Vaclik, Marc Cardona and Gabriel Mercado have taken part in the challenges set by the LaLiga Santander Experience alongside the influencers.

37 international broadcasters have taken part in this project alongside LaLiga, with their programming and social media content providing visibility in 148 countries, turning the #LaLigaSantander hashtag into a big success.

This does not finish here, however. The LaLiga Santander Experience is already gearing up for next season which will be filled with many more surprises and new stars.

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