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Raúl: "I want to bring my experience to make LaLiga the best league in the world"

LaLiga's new Country Manager for US stressed during his presentation at the headquarters of BeIN Sports in Miami that he joins "one of the best brands in the world".

At an event held in the central studies of BeIN Sports in Miami and broadcasted worldwide, Raul Gonzalez was introduced as the new Country Manager of LaLiga for United States. The new head of the Spanish professional football in the American country showed his joy for his new responsibility, which is part of the strategy of international expansion that Laliga is developing worldwide.

"I'm happy to be part of the brand LaLiga, my league for many years, and to participate in this project full of exciting challenges",  said Raul Gonzalez. "My retirement from football has been gradual and my dream was to live in New York. LaLiga has given me this opportunity and I want to bring my experience to make this league the best in the world", he continued.

The former player showed his enthusiasm for starting and highlighted some of the attractions of this new stage in his life. "I know what LaLiga’s brand has grown in recent years, I will be supported by a great team both in the United States as in Spain, and we are prepared to grow and continue to expand LaLiga’s brand around the world."

Javier Tebas stressed some of Raúl values. "His fighting and sacrifice spirit made us bet on him for this job. Is a professional with more than 20 years of career and I have no doubt that with his fighting spirit and determination is going to succeed also in this new life", said the president,  who also described the duties of Raul: "He will have a direct relationship with the TV broadcasters, he will be close to the institutions of football in America, and also he will be responsible of piracy issues, training of coaches and sponsors".

On the difference between the Premier League and LaLiga Raul explained that "we are on track to be the best league in the world. Since the arrival of Javier Tebas there was a turning point in LaLiga and, from outside, I noticed the change. Now we are welcome throughout the world thanks to the expansion strategy that has been done". Javier Tebas meanwhile, added that "the Premier League has a better income than us and we have to get closer to them. We have grown twice in the value of our audiovisual rights and I am hopeful we will close the gap with them".

The president also spoke about the passion with which the Spanish teams are followed in the United States: "We are aware of the importance of LaLiga in the US and is a challenge for us. We have to continue to maintain this line to be at the highest level and achieve that apart of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona other clubs should be equally known".

Raul also spoke about the decision to direct his life towards an executive officer. "The easiest thing would have been to coach but this challenge is very important, I join one of the best brands in the world and I think I'm going to be enriched with the experience".

About Real Madrid, the club of his life, Raul was clear: "Today I do not see myself returning to Real Madrid. In the future it may be, but right now I'm very involved with my family and in a professional level in this project". He added that “I wish all the best to Real Madrid, but now my head and my work is for all the teams from LaLiga".

Javier Tebas also talked about other issues during the presentation of Raul Gonzalez. On the attendance of fans to the stadiums, the president of Laliga said that "we have a growth of 12% and perhaps the problem is that there are large stadiums for small cities, but really we are into important figures. We will continue to work in order to fill the stadiums". On the possibility of playing official matches outside Spain, the Spanish leader said that "it's complicated because we cannot subtract spectators in Spain. We do not rule out the chance in another competition. It is complicated and would be difficult in a short term".

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