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The new global campaign – It's not football. It's LaLiga

LaLiga is more than just football, it's more than just a form of entertainment. LaLiga plays an essential part in people's lives, and this is the starting point from which we reinvent a world that extends far beyond the pitch.

Our brand is now more global, more responsible and more modern. Our new campaign embodies this approach with its slogan "It's not football. It's LaLiga."

Through this campaign we will show the true extent of LaLiga's global reach and how we spread our brand values, beyond just the sporting competition. LaLiga is behind socially responsible initiatives that give hope to those who have lost almost everything (such as the refugee camps in Thessaloniki and Jordan), that make dreams come true (LaLiga Genuine), and that put a smile on the faces of our youngest fans (Future Fans), as well as teaching them the importance of respect and instilling in them the universal values of the beautiful game.

LaLiga is also a spectacle, of course; it's entertainment of the highest calibre, replete with moments of comedy, passion, drama and suspense. All of this is brought to all four corners of the globe through the best technology on offer, which guarantees the highest standard of broadcasting and immerses viewers in a unique experience.

The campaign "It's not football. It's LaLiga" is being launched in Spain but will also reach an international audience. As many as 182 countries will witness the launch via 90 broadcasters, the same companies that show our matches every week.



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